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April 15, 2013

Hola familia!

Its been raining all day today and it a little chilly but I am loving it because this is only the 3rd time it has rained here and the constant sunny and 75 is getting a little boring. I'm not complaining about the weather but I do like a little variety. :) Thanks for all of your emails again, it was great to hear about the soccer games and choir competitions and ACT and work and church and all. As I'm sitting here now my companion just asked me if I know an "Elder Summers", cause Elder Vargas's parents live in Logan Utah and I guess my friend Jacob Summers from BYU is waiting to get his visa to argentina but in the meantime was reassigned to Logan and when Elder Vargas's parents were showing the missionaries in their wards pictures of their son (Elder Vargas) in mexico, Elder Summers was like hey I know him!! Haha its such a small world. :)
Yesterday we finally got a lider misional in Los Altos and we are super excited because he is on fire to get some work done.
One thing that I really had been thinking about alot this week is how I can be the person and missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be. I've been thinking about that fad with all the christian churches around 5 years back when everyone had a "WWJD" bracelet. As we walk in the street to different appointments and as we just go about our daily stuff I've often wondered if I'm doing what Christ would do if He was in my shoes, because really as "Representatives of Jesus Christ" all missionaries should be doing exactly what He would do. I only have about 200 pages left in Jesus The Christ and I have really enjoyed learning more about the life of Christ and all of the things that He did during His ministry. I've often wondered how Christ would act walking from house to house or how He would teach His message or how He would show love for every one that He interacts with. Its definetly something that I need to think and pray more about to figure out how I can become more Christ-like, and I think its a good question to ask ourselves frequently throughout the day as we are faced with choices of how to act, or whether or not to smile at someone in the store, or whether or not to follow a prompting of the Holy Ghost : "What would Jesus do if He were faced with the same choice?"
Often times I think as missionaries, we either forget or get used to the fact that we are set apart as "representatives of Jesus Christ" and I think that we often don't realize the responsibility that we have because of that.
We had a few more great lessons with Byanca this week so she is progressing really well and its over half way done with reading the Book of Mormon so we are really excited about that. But, nothing comes that easy. Her mom is super super against the idea of her being baptized, to the point of sending texts messages to Byanca's member friend Alejandra that say really mean stuff. I'm not sure what they have said, but they say stuff mean enough to make her cry, as we found out in the middle of one of our lessons this week. But Byanca has a baptismal date of 11 Mayo so we are working towards that and are praying hard that her mom will have a change of heart and that she can be baptized with out her mom getting super mad. But she said she is going to be baptized despite what her mom says cause she is 19 so she doesn't need her permission but we are going to try to get some members from the ward that her mom knows to go try and calm her down a little bit about it all.
Also, last friday night we went over to Armando's and Miriam's house to meet their friend Maura. We taught lesson one and both Maura and her daughter Jasmine (15) accepted baptismal dates so we are super pumped about them also. It was kind of difficult to teach that lesson though because everytime I would start talking, Jasmine would bust out laughing and blushing and she said it wasn't my bad spanish sooo she is a 15 year old girl and my companion said that she is going to get baptized because of my blue eyes. So maybe I should buy some brown contacts so I can blend in better and actually teach lessons. :)
On Saturday we went to Miramar ( the area to our west) to do a service project as a zone and it was fun but really hard work. This family in the ward over there lives pretty much right along the side of a dry river bed that floods everytime it rains and they needed us to make a ramp out of dirt so that they could drive their car up into their yard. It took about 3 hours of 12 of us using picks and shovels and hoes but there was a ramp there that worked great when we left on saturday night. I'm not sure about now cause I'm guessing that river bed is full of water and half the ramp is gone, but it sure looked good on saturday night. :) All the pictures that are attached are from that night. One picture is with me and Elder Vargas and the two sisters is our zone, one of them was getting transfered so she wanted a picture with us. There is a picture of our whole zone and the family that we did the service for and then there is a picture of the sister giving all 10 of us elders a ride home in her van so we were pretty packed. It was a long service project and I was really dirty at the end of it but it was really good and fun.
Estoy muy agradecido por cada uno de ustedes y por sus ejemplos en mi vida.
Con amor,
Elder Crockett
ps - Hey Dad I know before I came out here I decided not to get any boots cause I didn't think I would use them, but we can wear them as everyday shoes if they are conservative and having seen some of the other areas around here I think I'm going to want some. If you have time and wouldn't mind, can you look for some conservative blackish hiking boots? Size 9.5W. Let me know if you see any online that look good or if I should just keep my eyes out here to buy some. Thanks! :)

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