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April 22, 2013

Hola Familia!
I was pleasently surprised to open my email and have emails from other friends and family, it was fun to see some pictures from Sage and Hannah and just really fun to hear from Grandpa and Mom and Dad and Daniel. So thanks for all of you letters everyweek :) About my email, if you want to put it out on fb or the blog, go for it. I'm not guarenteeing that I can reply to everyones emails because I only have an hour online and I have to write a letter to President in spanish so my time is precious. Dad about the boots, yes if you send them to the address in San Ysdrio I will recieve them. It takes a while for me to get letters and packages because I only get them when we have zone conferences, but if you send them to that address I'm pretty much guarenteed to get them without anything being stolen. So I haven't gotten the other package yet but we have another conference this friday so I'm expecting to get it then. I haven't gotten any letters yet, but from what people have said to me in emails this week I'm guessing I should be getting several at the same time this week. I am constantly thinking of little things that I would like from home, so I'm going to tell you them but don't feel like you need to send a package with stuff just to do it. I can survive with things I can buy here, I just like some things from home better enough to ask for them :) (Deoterant - the same kind that dad uses and that I used at home, they don't sell it here. Razor blades - Gillete fusion, I just don't want to have to go through the trouble of finding them here haha).
This past week was really hard at first but then really really good. So we just haven't been having very much success with investigators or members or anybody so I was getting frustrated cause I felt like we have been doing something wrong. During weekly planning on Thursday, me and Elder Vargas had a really open talk and both expressed what we had been feeling the whole past transfer and he expressed some things that I hadn't realized and we are just on really good terms now and our lessons since then have been super good and we have been able to have the spirit more in our companionship. He expressed that he had been feeling bad because he knew that I have a big desire to do missionary work but we aren't allowed to knock doors so we are stuck if the members don't help us because other than catching people outside of their houses we don't have any way of getting new investigators other then through the miembros. We set a bunch of personal goals and companionship goals so we are excited to work on those during this translado.
I forgot to mention this like a month ago but I FINALLY CAN ROLL MY Rs!!! Like 3 weeks ago during language study I was trying yet again and I did it out of nowhere. I freaked out. :) Its really cool to me that even though its not a big deal at all, our Father in Heaven knows us and helps us out with little things like that just so we can feel His love for us, no reason more. Its been really fun to learn this language. I feel comfortable sitting and listening to someone speak spanish and I feel comfortable speaking in spanish, but my language abilities in both english and spanish are such that if I'm not paying attention at all then I don't understand anything. When before I could be thinking about something else when somebody is speaking in english and I could still understand. So its probably a good thing that I need to be more focused. But I'm learning more and more words everyday and am a little bit frustrated that nobody can explain to me certain aspects of the grammer, but I know that I just need to be patient and that with time and with the help of the Lord I will be able to understand them. ALSO, this week I started dreaming in spanish kind of. I have dreams where I'm with you guys and I'll go to say something and it will come out in spanish and I can't remember how to say what I want to say in english. So when we talk on mothers day don't make fun of me if my english is awkward. :)
Jacqueline the other day we were walking to the chapel to meet an investigadora there to teach and lesson and this tortillaria (a store that simply makes and sells tortillas) was blasting 22 by Taylor Swift. It made me smile and think of you :) Its been really fun to be here in Tijuana, where somedays I feel like I am in a completely different world and other days I feel like I am in the US. For example, the other day we were walking in the street and somebody in their house was blasting A Day To Remember and I was like hey I listened to that music! Also there will be times when we are walking through the streets and random people will yell stuff at me in english. Like a couple days ago some older gentleman was sure that we knew each other and was saying that he knew me and all and I was just really confused. But its fun to have people be like I can speak english and just want to practice their english with me, even though I can usually understand them better in spanish. :)
This week we met with our new mission leader in los altos and I'm super pumped to get things rolling with this ward. He is super excited to motivate all the different organizations and we are equally excited. We are meeting with our consejo del barrio this tuesday to put together our ward mission plan so things should get working here soon and we are super excited to see the results and the changes in the members of the ward as well as having more investigators. With our investigators right now - Byanca is still awesome and has a date to be baptized 11 Mayo and is continuing to already know everything we are teaching and asks crazy questions that we can't answer about dinosaurs and homosexuality and just stuff that I can't really wrap my mind around in english or spanish. Samuel has a baptismal date for 11 Mayo and needs to get married first. He didn't show up to church yesterday and didn't answer our calls or texts so we are going to stop by his house soon to see whats up. Maura y Jasmine - they came to church yesterday and loved it, they have dates to be baptized 2 Mayo so we are excited to teach them more. Armando is super awesome still, his girlfriend/spouse is hopefully going to get a good start on getting divorced this miercoles so we are hoping that they will be able to sort all of that stuff out that they need to so that he can be baptized.
Its starting to get hot here and I'm just constantly grateful that I am here in Tijuana and not in Mexicali. But with that being said, I'm probably going to be sent there in a couple transfers just to humble me or give me more patience or something. And a fun fact I learned about Mexicali this week - the desert right next to Mexicali is where the 2nd hottest temp in the world has been recorded. In mexicali during the summer it is regularily like 115 and gets up to 125. Ahh so hot. I don't know how hot it is here during the day but I'm always grateful for the nice breeze that we always coming off of the coast.
I am constantly so grateful for all of you as I go throughout my days here in Tijuana. I think of all of you often and am so very grateful for the family that Heavenly Father has blessed me to have and am constantly finding myself looking to your examples of how to act with others and how to be Christ-like. So thank you all. :)
Con amor,
Elder Crockett

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