Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hola Familia!
Primero, I am planning on calling you at 6 pm here so 9 pm your time via skype. But, the family that we are going to use their computer, I'm not sure how fast their internet is soooo it might not work super well. But they have a cell phone that has minutes in the US so if it doesn't work I can just call. I have 40 minutes to talk so be thinking of questions you want to ask :) Also, if you could email me info for a skype account that I can log on a use, cause I don't remember my info, that would be awesome. Or if you want to set up a googletalk thing that would work too. Just send me a brief email that I can read quick and figure out what the plan is before I try to call you via skype or something. I'm super pumped to talk with you all, but please don't make fun of me if I talk english really slow cause I have to think hard to say everything right. Hahaha there are lots of times that the things that run through my head in english/spanish combined make me smile as we are walking around during the day. :)
And with the money, the mission has asked us to have a stash of cash for emergencies and such so I've pulled out some to have a stash of pesos. And my companion has wayy more money then me, He is the youngest by like 20 years and it is well pretty obvious in lots of things, money and packages being one of them. :)
Thanks for those notes and such from Stake Conference, I'm going to be thinking about that for a good while now. Its sure something that we all need to work on, if we are going to be really converted to Jesus Christ. Thats so awesome about Prom and all, I hope you had fun Benjamin. Prom at Brownsburg was like Zion compared to the Sodom that Prom at Osseo and PC was hahahaha.
This week was really good, and as we have really good weeks they are also alot harder at the same time. This week, as you can see by the pictures, we had two baptisms, Maura and Jasmine. On thursday they were baptized and it was really cool because alot of the ward showed up so we were super grateful for the support. Elder Vargas and I sang a musical number and now our baptism that we have this next Saturday with Byanca, also we are going to sing because she came to the baptism this thursday and now wants us to sing also at hers so we are excited to practice a primary song to sing. One thing we were focusing on with our goals this last week was our number of lessons with member present, and we almost got our goal of 15. We had 14, and we had the number of lessons con investigators to achieve the "Standard of Excellence" so we were really pumped.
As we have more lessons and are teaching more people, its a lot more fun because as we are talking with so many people and as we are helping people learn how they can come unto Christ I can really feel His love for me and for them personally, because the more I serve, the more I grow to love them. One thing that I've been able to see this week is that as we are working harder and harder for Christ, Satan is going to work harder and harder against us. With the smallest things I was getting so annoyed with my companion and was just almost mad for really no reason. I finally realized that it wasn't well normal and that I needed to pray to get over it. It was really cool because I know that Heavenly Father isn't going to give us the things we need without effort on our part, so I prayed to be able to change my attitude about it all and to overcome the temptation to be annoyed, and even though it took time, I was able to do it. Also, when we are able to recognize the temptations and stumbling blocks that Satan puts in our way, we can rely on Christ to be able to avoid them or overcome them.
Every time that I meet new people and talk with them about their lives, I am humbled more and more and realize the need I have to work as I hard as I possibly can because I have been blessed so much. As we were teaching Maura and Jasmine about families and that they can be together forever, I felt the Spirit so strongly and really realized how blessed I am to have been born in a family that is sealed together for ever and ever. Its something that I never really had thought about before but it is such a great blessing. The family is such an awesome blessing that Heavenly Father has given us and we really need to treasure all the time we have with them. So sorry for always wanting to hang out with friends when I could've stayed home and hung out with family. The whole mission thing is making me have a different perspective on things and for that I am so grateful.
Sorry that my letters are getting shorter every week, we run out of time to email when we have to scan papers and send them to the offices.
I'm excited to be able to talk with you all this next weekend!! Thanks for your examples and all that you do.
Elder Crockett

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