Thursday, January 2, 2014

September 30, 2013

This week I´ve had a couple of experiences that have really helped me to understand my role as a missionary. So in tuesday we had an appointment with an investigor that lives out in the middle of nowhere. So we took a bus 20 mins and after walked for like 30 min to get to this little bunch of houses where she lives. We got there and she wasn´t there. So I was super bummed as we had just spent a ton of time to get out there and she wasn´t there even though we had confirmed the appointment. So walking out of the little group of houses we passed to people sitting outside and we just walked passed and said buenas tardes but didn´t contact them or anything. So 5 minutes walking down the road these people popped in my head and I knew we had to go back and talk to them but I didn´t really want to cause I was just bummed and we had already walked a ton. So after battling in my head for a bit, we turned back around to talk to these people. We ended up talking to them for about 20 minutes, but long story short they didn´t want anything and told us that we were going to hell pretty much. I was just really confused as to why I had recieved such a strong prompting to go back and talk to them if they didn´t even listen to anything we had said. Then yesterday I met a guy who was baptized a year ago but told me that he had rejected the missionaries and not wanted to get baptized for some 10 years. Thinking about all of these experiences have made me realize that as a missionaries, my purpose is to invite and guide people unto Christ if they want to come and if they are willing to make the changes in their lives to do so. I know that God has a plan for each and every one of us, and even if we can´t understand the way that God is working, He is working for our benefit and for the salvacion of His Children. Even if our attempts to share the gospel are rejected, we still have to share the gospel because it is part of His plan that everyone can have a chance to accept the gospel or to reject it. So for those who aren´t serving a full time mission right now, share the gospel with everyone, invite them to listen to the missionaries, invite them to church, invite them to activities, invite them to family home evening, invite invite invite!

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